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Inductees - 1988 Charter
Mustang Hall of Fame Inductees by Induction Year

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Madeline Kountze Dugger Kelley*
Lois Carew
Maurice Carroll, Jr.
Placido Cervone
Kevin Cunniff
Arthur D"Errico
Richard Desmond
Richard DiMare
William Edgerly
Fred Ellis
Richard Fusco
Leon Furr, Sr.
Robert Gurney
John Hardy
Waldo Horton
Thomas H. Kelly
Torbert MacDonald
William Monbouquette
Mary T. Marquebreuck
Joseph Manzo
Frederick Mander
Attilo Margarita
Henry Margarita
Virginia McCarthy
Thomas O'Connor
Edward Rideout
Chester Sanford
Philip Sanford
Carlo Sarno
Lawrence Spellman
Patricia Murphy Traveline
Fred Wakeman
Herbert Wells, Sr.
Robert Winn
Armand Caraviello
Walter Langely
Joyce Pinkston
Allyn Stillman
Arthur Terrill
Community Service
Anthony Lucci
Thomas Howard
Gene McGillicuddy "Gene Mack Jr."
John Carroll
Maurice Carroll Jr.